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Build and sell your online courses, and teach students in an engaging program designed to help them learn

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Heights Platform is designed to impart a sense of discovery that enables your students to translate their knowledge into action.

This way you, the mentor, can focus on sharing your knowledge. So forget about hiring developers or spending months learning a complicated and inflexible system. Heights allows you to quickly motivate your students to achieve their goals.

Create and sell access to your own branded learning platform. Heights has everything you need to start. Landing page creation and payment processing are all built-in.

Heights Platform Course Editor

Enable Students to See Real Results

Heights Platform was built to achieve a single goal: to help ensure that your knowledge can be put into practice by your students.

We provide you with powerful insights and validators so you can measure the progress of your students.

Heights is designed so that learning does not end after students consume your content. We keep them engaged with their goal and each other so that their skills can continue to improve.

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Monetize the Value of Your Knowledge

Heights is everything you need to start your online school:

  • payment processing
  • content management
  • white label branding
  • analytics
  • hosting
  • a landing page
  • lead tracking support